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Masonry colour problems

What do you do when brick, masonry or mortar colours are incorrect.

In 1968 George Bebbington was working as a clay technologist for George Edward and Sons in Stoke on Trent, who supplied mineral pigments and to the brick industry.

George directed his thoughts to this matter with all his usual pragmatism and soon came to the conclusion that the solution could be to utilise the pigments already being used in brick manufacturing, mixed with a carrier and fixing agent.

Colour resolution

After an amount of experimentation he settled upon a blend of pigment, water and silicate.

One of those early test applications was on the porch entrance at Georges own property in Staffordshire. The pictures of that porch brickwork still forms part of Bebbingtons portfolio of work, to show that it is indeed durable and does weather back at the same rate as the surrounding un-treated’ masonry.

Contract Tinting

Over the intervening years, Bebbingtons has grown into a UK wide supplier of masonry remedial goods and services.

They employ teams of remedial technicians who travel throughout the UK and Ireland carrying out remedial colour alteration to brick, stone, masonry and mortar.

Bebbingtons have worked on thousands of domestic properties over this time and many well known or high profile historic and public buildings.

Not just for brick

Whilst it’s true that the solution was originally developed to help the brick industry, today it is widely employed by builders merchants and home builders as a way of seamlessly blending new materials with old.

Increasingly Bebbingtons are asked to imitate the colour or look of materials no longer available to the client.

Many builders merchants will tell you that a customer looking to place a sizeable order of bricks will shop at ten maybe more merchants before concluding that indeed the brick they want, isn’t available any longer and then buying from merchant no ten!!

Stocking and selling Bebbingtons range of tints allows the brick seller to ‘capture’ the customer with the promise that they can supply the closest possible match in terms of a brick, but along with Bebbingtons products, the perfect match can be achieved.

Masonry Tinting for all

Employing the same materials and technology used since 1968, Bebbingtons recently embarked on an expansion of its retail business scope and started manufacturing tints, specifically for the stone industry.

The training can be done on site or at either the clients or Bebbingtons premises.

Unique amongst companies offering brick tinting services, Bebbingtons will back up the sale of any product with the promise that if you get cold feet or can’t achieve the finish you want, they will support you, until the job is done.

As Mark Bebbington Snr tells people, “we make it, we use it, we trust it”

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