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HBD System's Schuco bifold doors are manufactured with German-engineered Aluminium right here in the UK. These minimalist precision engineered doors have thin sightlines maximising your garden view. This robust and superbly crafted profile is ideal for both commercial and domestic use, the commercial standard gives you decades of trouble free use.

A wide choice of opening configurations, colours and glass types allow you to specify your purchase to suit your property style. The slim aluminium profile assists you in creating the maximum glass areas possible increasing light. Each door pane can be made with widths up to 1.2m wide and 3m high to optimise your views. All of the door accessories are available in a range of colours allowing you to add to the already sleek appearance.

As with any glazing choice security is a very important factor. Schuco does not disappoint with BSI kite market cylinder locks and concealed intermediate shootbolt system which lock into the top and bottom tracks. Each pane is internally beaded, making it impossible to remove any glass from the outside, additional rubber seals secure the glass even further and are also great for weather resistance.

HBD Systems ensure every item they supply or install meets current building regulations, in this case the Schuco door (with double glazed units) exceeds the U-values required. The internal and external aluminium frame sections are separated by a thermal break, designed to minimise heat loss and maximise heat gain.

These doors have been specifically designed for easy adjustment. HBD Systems and Schuco understand there is the possibility for movement as building materials settle and natural expansion occurs. The adjustable side jambs in this door ensures your doors will always be fully functional, smooth running and weather tight. Any adjustments needed are covered under the HBD Systems 10 Year guarantee.

Speaking of guarantees, our Schuco manufacturers offer a brilliant 20 year guarantee on the materials and parts provided for the bifold frame and running gear. Their commitment to delivering exceptional service to the glazing and building industry means each and every door is checked and double checked before delivery for an impeccable all round experience.

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