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Natural Looking Resin Bound Driveways

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Natural-looking resin bound driveways

Get the authentic stone look without the inconvenience of loose chips. The special features of Clearstone Paving's clear resin binds natural stone into a smooth, hardwearing surface ideal for cars, wheelchairs, buggies and even bare feet. Which will add value to your property.

What is Clearstone® resin bound paving?

Clearstone’s resin bound paving is made from a selected blend of gravel, shingle, crushed granite and quartz bound in UV stable polymer resin hand-trowelled cold on site to a depth of 18mm.

Benefits of Clearstone® resin bound

Quick to install, most projects are completed within two days. And, since Clearstone resin takes only a few hours to dry, you’ll be using your resin drive the next day. View Clearstone’s quick fuss-free installation guide

Clearstone’s flexible paving can be laid in curves and sharp angles and, once down, your gorgeous Clearstone surface is resistant to weeds, oil, diesel and petrol, needing only a power-wash and brush to maintain its sleek good looks.

Permeable Clearstone paving is eco-friendly, allowing water to return to the water table making it Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) compliant.

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