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Beyond gates and fencing solutions, Jacksons Fencing also offers a wide range of products designed to enhance residential and commercial outdoor spaces. The landscaping and outdoor living range includes pergolas, decking, shelters, storage and other landscaping features, all manufactured to the Jacksons standard of quality and appearance.

Jacksons’ stunning, durable garden features add value to properties and allow homeowners to make the most of green spaces. Jacksons Fencing designs, builds and installs pressure-tested timber structures that are crafted to last; from treating all timber with a unique Jakcure process that gets to the very core of the wood to ensure it doesn’t rot, to our 25-year guarantee that ensures products made by Jacksons offer high levels of strength at a low lifetime cost.

When it comes to landscaping products, Jacksons focus is the detail. Panels come in a range of styles to create a dramatic play of light and shade in any open space, non-rust fastenings further add to the durability of timber features and decking boards are designed with gaps and grooves for better drainage and a slip-resistant finish.

For any space and any need, Jacksons handcrafts and installs the right solution for every customer, using tried and tested timber that is guaranteed to last, whilst adding a premium touch to any outdoor space.

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