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Origin are one of the UK’s leading specialist manufacturers of individual high end quality aluminium folding doors& windows. Their bespoke nature enables you total freedom to have your products tailored to suit your exact requirements.

These systems combine high grade aluminium with precision engineering to create functional and elegant products which are designed to last. As such Origin offer a 20 year manufacturing guarantee on their doors and running gear as well as their windows. Each door set comes with a unique serial number, once registered this guarantees the doors at the property for two decades!

As a family business Origin have grown rapidly since 2002 becoming established as one of the UK’s leading bifold door manufacturers while keeping their family ethos at heart.

With family in mind Origin developed a ‘finger safe’ gasket for their bifold doors which sits between each door pane ensuring even when the doors re completely closed there is no room for little fingers to get caught. This alongside the hidden running gear contributes to a unique combination of safety features.

Origin doors have worked hard to have very competitive thermal efficiency. The certified U-Value of 1.3 w/m2k ensures the doors surpass the British regulations by 27% keeping the cool out and heat in during winter months and cool in and heat outside during the summer months. The uncompromised frame design includes advanced thermal breaks, weather tight seals and a locking system which allows for maximum compressions and increased water resistance.

The Origin lock delivers excellent security and weather proofing, this is due to linear bolts offering smoother operating when engaging locks as well as giving maximum compression.

The Origin window combines a unique flush casement with contemporary hardware to create a premium aluminium range which offers sophisticated style that every home deserves. Complimenting both traditional and modern homes, these bespoke Origin windows give any home a new lease of like with its timeless and secure British design.

This window features an advanced triple weather seal that achieves unrivalled weather testing results, the Origin window ensures that the elements are kept outside and that energy bills stay low. There is also an option for an upgrade to have Aerogel which is used to insulate space shuttles in your thermal break to considerable limit the heat transfer reaching astonishing U-values.

With no overlapping frames, often found with windows, the flush casement comes together to create an industry first internal and external flush casement. You can defiantly make a statement with this innovative new product.

Security is always a factor to consider when purchasing glazing. Origins attention to design is matched with high levels of security, as every window is installed with Yale’s highly renowned and dependable encloser lock. The bi-directional locking technology offers long term reliability and flawless performance.

Both the Origin bifold doors and windows offer the benefit of being almost maintenance free, highly durable and manufactured from energy efficient, premium grade Aluminium.



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