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FineLime is a fine-finish multi-use DryReadymix plaster from Anglia Lime Company.

This inimitable DryReadymix is a blend of non-hydraulic lime, chalk and fibres which offers an aesthetically soft, smooth, fine lime plaster finish suitable for use both internally and externally.

Due to its blend of chalk and fibres, as well as being lightweight, FineLime has exceptional flexibility. This enables it to move in unison with the background to which it has been applied, therefore eradicating cracking usually caused due to movement.

Plaster or Render

FineLime can be used on a variety of substrates. It can either be applied on its own for certain projects or together with ALC’s FibreChalk or Thermalime

Finishing Plaster

FineLime can be used as a skimming coat or finishing plaster over other prevailing (unpainted) lime plaster to achieve a fine finish. It makes it an ideal finishing plaster over ALC’s Thermalime.

Plaster Repair

FineLime can be used successfully as patch repair plaster, to tidy up those messy areas of old existing lime plaster. Or it can be simply skimmed over soft surfaces to achieve a smooth, uniform finish.

FineLime is available ready mixed in 17kg bags, simply add water, mix and apply.