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From striking, contemporary timber designs to professional-standard, highly-secure metal products, Jacksons’ fencing solutions are manufactured with innovation, passion and dedication. Every product is designed around the customer’s individual needs and built to last, insured with a unique 25-year guarantee and protected by Jacksons’ specialist Jakcure treatment.

The Jakcure timber treatment process is a true innovation in modern softwood preservation. Traditionally, to protect wood from rot and insect attack, fencing would be coated with creosote or a similar preservative. As this method requires frequent reapplying and only treats the surface of the wood, Jacksons developed Jakcure.

The Jakcure treatment process begins by testing softwood for moisture content and kiln-drying timber with a moisture content of 30% or more to ensure it can fully absorb the preservative coating. The coating is then forced deep into the heart wood of the timber by vacuum/pressure, where it forms an insoluble compound that ensures permanent protection against decay from weathering or insect attack. Harmless to life, odour-free and causing no damage to the wood, the Jakcure process far exceeds many British and European standards and gives long-lasting protection above and below ground.

Jakcured fencing costs marginally more than other fencing, but it lasts far longer - that’s real economy. Where cheaper solutions will require more maintenance and preservative reapplication to prevent decay, Jacksons’ Jakcure-treated timber is paid for once, installed once and guaranteed for a quarter of a century with our unique 25-year guarantee. Environmentally and economically, Jacksons Fencing offers the best products money can buy.

Having featured in award-winning gardens and specified for global projects, the range of products offered by Jacksons Fencing have a reputation for quality and durability. Whether it’s acoustic fencing, trellises, equestrian fencing or even temporary fencing, Jacksons fence panels are handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail to provide premium fencing solutions that last.

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