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Don’t you feel just so good when it’s a sunny day outside.

Evidence suggests it’s important you get that feel good factor inside your home too. It’s well known that balanced levels of sunlight are crucial for producing essential amounts of Vitamin D in our bodies. But, our positive well-being – physical and mental – also depends on frequent exposure to light.

Daylight is the most energy-efficient way to achieve it.

Let the sun’s rays stream in to your home – they’re good for you.

Our homes play a big part in our sense of well-being from the healthy pattern of light, dark and shade. Their design, how they are lit internally, and openings to natural outside light through windows and doors really do impact; to positively balance inside too little, or too much, light, shade, glare and privacy.

Mr Judge continues: “Steel-framed windows are ideal for maximising daylight in the home; steel is three times the strength of aluminium and achieves strong, elegant frames combining the slimmest of profiles. This allows large expanses of glass, bringing-in that essential natural daylight.

Lighten up

Crittall brings a further dimension to interiors through its minimalist style windows and its InnerVision glazed steel partitioning screens.

Elegantly slender, the slim steel framing, with single or double opening doors, is unobtrusive. Combining style with functionality, a distinguished-looking installation makes a wonderful talking point.

Unmatched by other materials, steel windows and partitions possess slim profiling giving retro-looks with contemporary twists. Cleverly dividing space without impeding light, they are the ideal solution, whether for an extension with dramatic steel-framed glazed screen forming a light-filled area off the kitchen, or a partition from bathroom to bedroom.

Advanced glazing options mean steel framed internal screens can be made to order to maximise natural illumination inside, and with enhanced acoustic properties giving more privacy and reduced noise levels, without compromising on security. And when those dark winter days return, more natural daylight coming in will lessen internal shadows and dark areas.

For the kitchen, en-suite or home office they visually enhance living space and functionality. Also, they complement the lounge styling, the kids’ separate play/games room. That quiet zone for parents. Chilly draughts are prevented, warmth kept-in for year-round comfort.


The outside can be dramatically fused with the inside living space. By opening-up living space, a seamless transition between inside and out can be created. Bright, beautifully crafted walls of glazing and slim-profiled windows will reflect the timeless style of a period house, adeptly define spaces in a townhouse, minimalist urban loft, or warehouse apartment.

Chris Eaton, associate director at Stiff and Trevillion Architects echoes this, commenting: "Defining a space with natural light is one of the key components of architectural design. The introduction of glazing into walls not only gives a greater sense of space and light, it also helps render the materiality of a room and creates a strong connection with the landscape beyond.

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