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If your garden is in need of a complete tidy up, then a chainsaw may be needed to get rid of overgrown hedges, trees and shrubbery. To help you with all your gardening needs, Chelford Farm Supplies offer a wide range of chainsaws, perfect for every garden.

For beginner gardeners or those with a smaller, less demanding space, the 136Li Husqvarna Chainsaw is the perfect option. This chainsaw is incredibly easy to use and is battery powered, making it ideal for working with smaller trees and branches. This model also includes a very low noise level so to avoid disturbing neighbours and those around you. Another model that’s great for beginners is the Husqvarna 365 X-Torq Chainsaw. This machine is easy to start, easy to use and features a lightweight, efficient design. The X-Torq engine offers excellent fuel efficiency and reduced emission levels, while the fuel pump and auto return stop switch ensures the chainsaw will easily start and stop on request.

If your garden is on the larger side, and you’re looking for a more high powered model, the 390 XP Chainsaw by Husqvarna may be the perfect choice. This chainsaw features a large design and excellent ergonomics, making the model incredibly comfortable and effortless to use.

Another model that’s perfect for advanced users is the Husqvarna 576XP Autotune Commercial Chainsaw. This machine features a X-Torq engine, which offers high torque over a wide rpm range. There is also the option of low exhaust emission levels and low fuel consumption, and has a quality ergonomic design allowing for longer periods of use without any issues with fatigue.

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