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LEWIS Deck is a composite floor system, giving a thin, but extremely sturdy concrete floor over traditional or metal web timber joists.

The LEWIS system works very well with underfloor heating and cooling systems, providing a metal deck that conducts the heat across the floor and a screed or concrete to provide the mass.

LEWIS provides a number of solutions for renovations and conversions as well as with new build projects using all types of build including traditional, timber or steel frame as well as new methods of build such as ICF and modular off-site construction and mezzanine floors.

Apart from standard domestic separating floors, LEWIS provides exceptional solutions for bespoke acoustic floors within live music venues, night clubs, restaurants, recording studios, recreational performance studios, specialist test labs, plant rooms and many other commercial applications.

  • Acoustic Separating Floors
  • Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Wet-room Floors
  • Fire Resistant Floors
  • High Load-bearing Floors
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