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Cast Aluminium Spiral Staircases

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Telephone: 01663 750716
Location: Midlands, Derbyshire, All UK & Northern Ireland

The finished effect of a cast aluminium spiral staircase from British Spirals & Castings is that of a piece of quality furniture, highly functional, yet quite beautiful to behold.

Available in 13 different diameters these cast staircases are ideal for main stairs, loft conversions, changes in floor levels and access to balconies or verandas. The aluminium castings are one-third of the weight of cast iron versions with the same strength capabilities, making them practical for second floor applications as often no additional reinforcement is needed in the floors to accommodate the weight.

They are ideal for both internal and external use. Operating their own cast aluminium foundry and pattern making facility means that they can accommodate almost any specification.

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