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Artworks was the first tile collection created by Original Style back in 1986. Initially developed as a collection of tile sets for cast iron fireplaces, the range has now grown to incorporate glossy glazed wall tiles in different formats; from field tiles to brick shapes, hand-crafted decorated tiles and borders as well as recreated masterpieces inspired by art and architecture from many eras.

A reflection of quality, creating our own glazes ensures the translucence, intensity of colour and reflectivity seen on our field tiles. Our mouldings – which are made, hand-finished and fired in our kilns – particularly show the depth and intensity of colour when the glazes pool in the detailing. Decorative tiles and borders are hand produced by skilled artisans in our Devon factory.

We like to think each Artworks tile is a small work of art in its own right, to be admired for its depth of colour, shape, size or decoration. The inspiration and background behind some of the collection comes from as far back as ancient Greek or Roman architecture, to the decorative arts of the Victorians and Edwardians, and well-known artists from different eras.

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