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100% Stainless Steel Towel Rails

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At Omnia Bathrooms we are passionate about the environment and helping to protect our world for generations to come.  With this in mind we have made the decision to only promote and sell high quality water saving, environmentally friendly, durable products on our ecommerce website

We offer a range of JIS Europe Sussex Range 100% Stainless Steel Towel Rails which are designed for durability and are the environmental choice as they are manufactured from over 90% recycled material. 

Stainless steel itself is 100% recyclable and will not rust – making it the ideal material to use in humid bathroom environments. It is easy to maintain and any small scratches can be easily polished out therefore keeping the product looking fresh. 

Available in various styles and sizes, to run as part of your central heating system, or electric only or as a dual fuel option (summer and winter use), all with a polished finish

Another quality of the stainless steel towel rail is that the heat output is more efficient than its chrome equivalent so therefore uses less energy saving you money,

They are manufactured to the highest standards and are guaranteed for 25 years.

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