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For more than 30 years, IG Doors, the company behind Truedor, has been hand-crafting the finest quality composite doors using tried and trusted techniques that are passed on by experienced, skilled professionals.

Truedor's fully trained operatives take great pride in every door-set produced in their factories and are trusted to ensure that nothing leaves the premises without meeting strict quality criteria and undergoing thorough testing.

A vast array of colour options

The number of styles available to customers is supported by a range of colours is unmatched. As well as a standard colour range which includes solid colours and woodgrain finishes, having launched a whole new series of outstanding colours which brings something different again to those in the market for a Composite Door entirely personal in taste to them.

The new range gives consumers a whole new pallet to choose from and an opportunity to make their composite door entirely personal to their own tastes. Truedor want to be right at the heart of what is going on in wider society in terms of colour tastes and ensure that they can meet all customer’s requirements.

Their new range will enable us to do this fully ….

Colour Matching Service

What’s more, for those who cannot find the colour they want, Truedor can offer a completely bespoke colour matching service – any RAL colour, a veritable rainbow!

They can do this because they have their own high specification paint plant – just get in touch for further information!

Truly Secure

In addition to the vast range of styles and colours, one of the greatest benefits to a homeowner when buying a Truedor Composite Door is the enhanced security levels they feature.

Their composite doors are fitted with high security multi-point locking systems as standard. These locks meet the requirements of PAS 23/24 and are tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 1303 Building Hardware – Cylinders for Locks.

To take the security of the composite doors to an even higher level, Truedor also fit our specially designed dog bolt system as standard. This involves two sets of triple hinge bolts that secure the composite door to the frame, protecting you against intruders.

These levels of security, combined with the fantastic range of door styles, colours and glazing options is why Composite Doors really have become the most attractive home makeover product on the market. All Truedor products come with a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee, but when you’ve been in the business as long as Truedor have, their products come with far more than just that, they are backed by their reputation.



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