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Wood is our passion!

Wood has qualities like no other material - it is warm, pleasing to the touch and its wealth of colour and texture is a delight to the eye. Treatex specialise in high quality wood finishes that enhance the natural beauty of wood. The finishes also have a practical purpose - to help protect your wood from damage. All Treatex finishes are easy to apply, attractive and durable.

Treatex are best known for their high quality Hardwax Oil. Using over 40 years of experience in the timber and wood finishing industries, Treatex Hardwax Oil was developed to be user-friendly, quick-drying, easy to maintain, and above all, provide a hard-wearing and attractive finish.

Treatex have established themselves as one of the top suppliers of wood finishes in the UK, Europe, and Australasia by concentrating on ‘good old fashioned’ customer service. Their team has earned a reputation for being friendly, honest and knowledgeable.

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