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Melody Maison

Melody Maison are a family run company specialising in designing and distributing quality handcrafted furniture and home décor to suit all tastes and have been doing so for over ten years now.

They boast a stunning collection of shabby chic, country rustic or vintage French style products including mirrors, clocks, lighting and various other decorative items. Their beautiful furniture collections span a wide range of shades, styles and finishes expertly designed to fit any aesthetic and keep all homes on trend.

Melody Mason offer an assortment of furniture throughout their ranges such as chests, side tables, bookcases and display cabinets crafted to complement each other perfectly. The popular dressing table sets in particular can inject a touch of glamour to any boudoir and are each part of individual furniture collections to help the customer’s seamlessly and effortlessly create their dream space. Their products make ideal gifts for any circumstance and due to the incredible variety of candelabras, centrepieces and silk flowers Melody Mason also extend their services to include wedding décor and offer savings for such occasions.

To help fulfil customers’ needs they have expanded their business to include two more interior companies named Windsor Browne and Flora Furniture. Windsor Browne centres on more quirky, rustic and industrial styles of furniture and décor - perfect for a gentleman’s retreat or loft style apartment. Flora Furniture focuses on furniture only and hosts all of the most popular exclusive furniture designs with the additional option of 6-12 months of interest free credit available.

Melody Maison is a consumer focused company with customer satisfaction being a core value of their business practice. With both an online store and a fabulous fully stocked showroom in Doncaster, South Yorkshire located just 2 miles from the Blyth Junction of the A1 motorway. The showroom itself is open six days a week and items from all three companies are available for viewing throughout the building.

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