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Rhodipor Ecobuild is an insulated concrete formwork ‘ICF’ building system. A panel ICF system the walls are constructed from two elements of polystyrene forming an inner and outer leaf.

The outer leaf being the thicker of the two varies in thickness from 50mm to 300mm with the internal leaf remaining a constant 50mm. The differing thickness external leaf panel permits clients and designers a choice to achieve the necessary statutory and proffered insulating performance for a build.

The external and internal leaf is connected with ties during construction to produce an insitu-formwork. The gap between the panels forms a cavity to pour the concrete, the panels becoming an insulated jelly mould.

The standard width of the cavity is a 142mm but can be increased to 192mm, making the system ideal for basement and swimming pool wall construction. In such instances structural steel would be required within the cavity and an engineer would easily be able to verify the requirements of this.