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Hallwood Furniture design each kitchen around their customers requirements and the property's individual restrictions and quirks.

Hallwood Furniture are happy to discuss your kitchen designs and plans. You are welcome to come into the showroom and discuss these with the Hallwood professionals. Alternatively, you can arrange a home visit, where they will come to your home and discuss the kitchen requirements and layouts with you.

Hallwood Furniture's showroom and workshops are based at the same premisies in Beatrice Road, allowing customers to view work in progress as well as finished furniture.

With their team of craftsmen, the various ranges of kitchens are designed and built to a very high standard. The various elements of the final design are individually built to fit the requirements of each job.

Kitchens and furniture have been designed and fitted throughout the UK, Europe and even worldwide.

Many clients have returned for a second or third time, when moving home, and once again requiring a high quality kitchen.

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