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Soreg Glide minimal glazing frameless sliding system


Ecohaus are the UK Sales Partner for the magnificent Burckhardt's Soreg Glide Frameless Large Scale Glazing System. Burckhardt has entrusted their brand reputation with Ecohaus on the strength of our proven track record and undisputed success with Internorm, Europe’s largest manufacturer of high-performance glazing.

Ecohaus are perfectly positioned to take Burckhardt Soreg Glide to the UK Market and secure the success this extraordinary system deserves. The journey from Sales through to installation by our employed Burckhardt Soreg Glide Installation teams will be nothing short of exceptional. That is purely the precursor to the delight and frameless pleasure the Burckhardt Glide system will reward you with.

The Soreg GLIDE Frameless Large scale glazing sliding system is exceptional in combining design, usability, functionality and technical innovation, all qualities our competition can only aspire to.