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Our doors and partitions can be designed for both Internal and External profiles, either creating the perfect Link between your exterior and interior or as a seamless partition between two rooms or office spaces.   

On-trend and elegant, our steel doors draw on the stylish industrial aesthetic to give your home or workspace a stand-out look of quality. You can choose between single steel doors, French-style double doors or compact bi-fold doors to find the perfect look.  

We provide an extensive repertoire of black steel framed and glazing including W20, W40 and Fire-rated. Our product is very high quality, yet cost-effective in comparison to other similar companies:  


If you're after a more bespoke look, you can mix and match with our internal partitions, building a unique combination to divide up your space while keeping the maximum amount of light to keep your rooms bright in every corner. A hand-fitted look to complete your room, fitting perfectly with both traditional buildings and modern designs.  


Black Steel doors make stunning exterior design features and elegant interior divisions. Their flexible custom design makes them perfect for any space. Get in touch today for a no-obligation estimate on your dream project, for any enquiries please click HERE.   

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