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As one of the longest running wall coating companies in the UK, All Weather Coating has the experience and the wherewithal to provide a stellar service for every single customer that enlists our services. We started All Weather Coating just before the turn of the millennium in 1999, and it remains to this day a family-run firm that serves customers throughout London and the Home Counties.

As you can probably guess from our name, we specialise in providing protective wall coatings that are built to stand the test of time. Over 20 times thicker than conventional paint, all of our coatings are composed of a precise blend of minerals, resins and chemicals. Available in an exhaustive range of colours, we work hard to attain the perfect shade to match every possible exterior.

How the coating is applied is just as important as the coating itself. First, we ensure that all areas that are not being treated - everything from gardens, paths and gardens - are guarded with dustsheets. Next, every nook and cranny of the surface is carefully cleaned and raked out using wire brushes, before correcting any existing cracks or blemishes using a mixture of sand, cement and adhesive, to create a flawless surface. From there, a silicon-based slush-coat is mixed with the appropriate colour coating and applied to waterproof the surface. Last but not least, the finish is applied using a highly sophisticated pump that accurately regulates the proportion of volume of air to coating.

Our finishes are purpose-built to resist penetrating damp, mould, algae, dirt and salty sea air. As well as their durability, what differentiates our coatings from those of other manufacturers is their quality of being micro porous, which allows walls to breathe. They have also been independently tested against the criteria set by the British Standards Authority, so you can place your faith in our 25 year guarantee.

If you have any queries or concerns whatsoever, do not hesitate to get in touch on 0800 169 2049.