You can boost your house price by £46K with one single improvement... You'll be surprised at what that is

Want to boost your house price by £1,000s? There's one particular job you can do to make all the difference... but what is it?

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House prices have taken a downturn since the whole Brexit debacle kicked in – but it's not all bad news. Some improvements you make can still boost a home's value – and by some way. 

But if you're thinking that there's no way you're going to invest in an extension, convert the loft or turn a garage into a living space with the economy in the state its in and continuing uncertainty in the housing market, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that mowing the lawn or cultivating your flower beds – in other words, having a well-tended garden – can add as much as 20 per cent to the value of your house. 

A well kept garden can add thousands to your home

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Yup. A little time spent landscaping can not only give you an outside space to enjoy, it can also significantly boost your home’s worth according to My Tool Shed – by up to £46,542 on the average UK house (with average property prices in the UK at around £232,000, that's not bad). 

The increase is even greater in urban areas like London, where beautiful green spaces are at a premium. In Islington, for instance, an attractive garden can add as much as £90,000 to a home’s worth, so any time spent digging, weeding and cutting would be paid back in *ahem* spades. See below for the London-centric infographic.

A recent study by estate agent Foxtons of their customers found that 62 per cent felt a garden was important to them; a further 72 per cent said they’d pay more for a property with outdoor space.

  Top London locations for garden added value

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Islington – £90,000
Merton – £60,000
Haringey – £55,000
Greenwich – £50,000
Lewisham – £50,000

So, what to do to cash in? A good place to start is by thinking of it like a house and creating ‘rooms’ for different activities such as eating, entertaining and relaxing. Even a modest garden can be split into zones, screened off by well thought out planting, fences or trellis and different surfaces for the ‘flooring’ – from grass to wood to stone and brick.

And, even at this time of year, you can also make simple improvements that will give your exterior appeal, keeping it trimmed, weed free and well lit, making sure fences and decking are maintained or adding a shed for storage. These are our top tips, below. Happy gardening...

  • Separate your garden into zones
  • Add outdoor furniture
  • Pot plants
  • Add a water feature
  • Keep the space secure
  • Keep it low maintenance
  • Cut the grass
  • Weed the flower bed
  • Give the fence a fresh coat of paint
  • Treat the decking
  • Add a shed
  • Add an outbuilding
  • Include outdoor lighting
  • Patch up the patio and pavement
  • Keep the space private

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