This clever robot lawnmower has more than £50 off on Amazon right now

This Worx robot lawnmower will tidy up your lawn without you needing to lift a finger. And it's on sale. Bingo!

Worx robotic lawnmower
(Image credit: Amazon)

A robot lawnmower is the perfect solution to smaller gardens: no long cords, no bulky mower taking up precious space in your garden, and no excessive noise. However, some robotic lawnmowers are definitely better than others, with pumping into lawn edging a common problem with many models. 

There will be no such problems if you buy the Landroid robotic mower by Worx – on sale a at Amazon with £51.99 off – which boasts an intelligent technology that results in a superior navigation of your lawn by the mower. It won't bump into anything, and will mow your lawn efficiently. 

But our favourite feature of this robot lawnmower is that it's so quiet you can have it mow your lawn at night. This is very useful in small gardens, because you won't have to interrupt your use of your outdoor space at all. 

WORX WR130E S300 Landroid Robotic Mower | Was £549.99, now £498

And as if this amazing little mower wasn't already very smart and advanced, it is operable via voice control or via an app. Oh, and it has a stealth charger station that's tiny and won't crimp your garden style. View Deal