Home movers alert: these 3 US cities will pay you to move there

If you are set on relocating this year, you should consider these locations: they will literally give you cash if you pick them

Natchez, Mississippi
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Home movers taking part in the great pandemic migration might want to rethink their choice of relocation destination after they learn what these three US cities have to offer. Spoiler alert: there's actual cash involved. While you may have been considering buying a spacious property outside a city, or moving from one coast to another, these places should be on your radar. They may not be in California or the Sun Belt, but one of these affordable destinations could well become your next home once you've discovered the incentives for moving there. 

1. Natchez, Mississipi

Natchez, Mississippi

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Natchez is a recent newcomer to the list of cities that incentivize potential movers with cash, but it's fast becoming a favorite. The Shift South proghram invites full-time workers employed remotely outside of Natchez to buy a home in the area with a value of at least $150,000. In return, the city of Natchez will reimburse the mover $2,500 in relocation costs and also offer a $300 monthly stipend towards living expenses for the first year. 

It's not just about the cash, though. Natchez has amazing views of the Mississippi river and a slower pace of life many are longing for post-pandemic. It's also a great place to raise kids thanks to the many opportunities for spending time outdoors. And those sunsets alone make it worth at least checking out. 

2. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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If you want to live in a vibrant, large city without the price tag of places like New York of Frisco, you will be pleasantly surprised by Tulsa. The city of 400,000-odd is diverse and progressive, with a vibrant downtown area full of restaurants and shops. What's even better, though, is the Tulsa Remote program will offer you $10,000 to relocate and a free working space. You just have to be remotely employed or self-employed outside of Oklahoma. 

Our favorite thing about Tulsa is Gathering Place – a public park spread over 66 acres of land, with a boathouse, splash playground, great lawn, outdoor sports courts, a skate park, a wetland pond and garden, and numerous trails to explore. Great for kids and adults.

3. Newton, Iowa

Newton, Iowa

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While Newton may not seem like the most exciting place, it could be a smart choice for someone looking to settle down with a family. The Newton Housing Initiative offers $10,000 towards the purchase of a home of over $180,000, or $5,000 if the home value is over $100,000, plus a $2,500 welcome package. What does it feel like to live in Newton? Although it's a small town of just over 15,000 people, it has plenty of amenities, so you won't have drive far for groceries and other essentials. It's also known as a friendly place, 'full of love and family and life', as one resident puts it. Now, who wouldn't be tempted by that.  

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