Brits waste tons of food every year – but Hotpoint's newest fridge technology could reverse that

New survey reveals the top most wasted foods – and suggests some solutions

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New research by appliance expert Hotpoint reveals that Brits are throwing away an average of 8 per cent of a £60 weekly food shop, with annual waste averaging £274 a year per household. 

This is despite the fact that seven in 10 respondents feel personally responsible for the impact food waste is having on the environment. One in 4 admitted wasting food simply due to forgetting what they already have in the fridge, with the top wasted foods including bagged salad, fresh veg, and bread. So, what's to be done, apart from the obvious solution – not forgetting (easier said than done)? 

Hotpoint is offering an innovative solution with its latest refrigeration technology, which ensures that food lasts longer, the key to reducing avoidable food waste. The Multipower Inverter Compressor rapidly corrects temperature within the fridge after door opening for long-asting food freshness, while Freeze Care technology reduces freezer burns, so frozen food retains its quality, taste and texture for longer.

To promote awareness about food waste – and how to avoid it – Hotpoint has teamed up with Jamie Oliver for the Fresh Thinking roadshow event that will offer free demos and advice to the nation in five areas across the UK. 

Jamie Oliver teams up with Hotpoint to tackle food waste

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Jamie Oliver comments, 'We’re a lucky bunch to be able to cook with such a huge range of ingredients. But, with so much great produce available, if you don’t have a bit of a plan, or forget to check what you have in the fridge before you set off, it’s easy to buy too much, and end up wasting food and money. For me, the most powerful weapon in the fight against food waste is food knowledge. It’s our best friend, and having the know-how to cook from scratch and to be able to adapt recipes to make use of what’s left in your fridge is an invaluable skill.' 

The roadshow will conclude on 10th and 11th October with the opening of Hotpoint's pop-up cafe in London, which will offer a tasting menu of recipes submitted by the public and including the top 10 most wasted foods. All proceeds will be donated to FoodCycle, a charity fighting food waste, food poverty and loneliness.

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