5 reasons you need a range cooker from AO.com in your life

Make 2021 the year you finally tick a Rangemaster off your wish list...

Range master cooker in cream kitchen
(Image credit: Range Master)

So your old oven that’s lasted many a Sunday roast, experimental tagine and family baking session has finally given up the ghost. Replacing appliances is not a glamorous job, there’s no ordering colour swatches or picking out tiles, it’s usually a decision based on practicality and budget. Not a lot to get excited about. 

However, if like us, you have always dreamed of having a range cooker, your hunt for a new oven could be a whole different experience. Because once you decide to go for a Rangemaster range cooker, there are loads of exciting decisions to make – what size will you go for, what style will you go for, what configuration is going to suit your family best, and yep there are even loads of gorgeous colours to choose from. 

Plus, BONUS, over on AO.com you get the benefit of half price installation on your new ranger cooker, and they’ll price match competitors too, so you always know you are getting the best deal.

And just in case you need any more convincing that you need a Rangemaster range cooker in your life, here are five reasons we love them... 

1. They will up your cooking game

Range cookers look beautiful, and we will acknowledge that later of course, but predominantly, what you want from an oven is for it to be the best for cooking delicious meals efficiently. 

With a Rangemaster range cooker you get so much more in terms of capacity and flexibility – they are typically 20% bigger than your standard oven so you will never have to worry about space and working out timings so everything’s ready and warm at the same time again. If you’ve got the space in your kitchen you could even go for a model that has two or three ovens – ah imagine the freedom of having all that oven space! You could be slow cooking a lamb in one oven on a low temperature and crisping up your roasties on a high temperature in another. 

Some Rangemasters are also multifunctional, so you can pick from up to 11 different settings to make sure whatever you are cooking is bubbling/browning/defrosting/crisping/rising in the perfect oven conditions. You can even get models with bread proving drawers, teppanyaki griddles and glide-out grills if you want to get really fancy.

2. They are amazing quality

Rangemaster have been making range cookers for 190 years at their Leamington Spa factory, so they know their stuff. This means you are going to be investing in an appliance that is built to last. They are still manufactured in the UK and are rigorously tested to ensure the end product is the best it can possibly be. We don’t want to sound like you mum, but buy cheap, buy twice really does apply with your oven. Really, one should last you most of your life, so save yourself the woes of buying multiple, mediocre ovens and invest in a range cooker instead. 

3. They come in many different sizes and styles

You might be thinking this all sounds lovely but my small kitchen can’t handle a range cooker. Well think again, because Rangemaster make range cookers that are just 90cm wide, which is just over 10cm bigger than a standard oven size! Plus, there’s a range cooker for every style too. Whether you like that more traditional cottage look or prefer a sleek contemporary vibe, there will be a design to suit your space. 

4. They look beautiful 

Obviously. This is what put a range cooker on our lust list in the first place. They really do become the focal point of any kitchen you put them in. Plus there are so many colours to choose from (14 to be exact), from a more traditional cream or (our personal fave) a bang on trend olive green.  

There are also loads of different styles too, not just the traditional look you first think of, so if you have a more contemporary space you’ll find a model to suit that. 

5. They are part of AO.com price match promise

A Rangemaster is an investment, so we get that you want to make sure you are getting the best deal. If you buy through AO.com this is guaranteed thanks to their price match promise, meaning they will always match any lower prices available at competitors. Plus, you can now enjoy Rangemaster's discount code – exclusive to Real Homes.

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