Why is it a good idea to look out for extended warranties?

AO are offering customers up to a five year warranty on washing machines and tumble dryers. Here’s how you can claim on one of Samsung's latest range of machines...

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Since we’re all spending more time at home you may be finding that your old washing machine isn’t quite up to the task of keeping on top of the laundry as it once was. Clothes may still be coming out of the drum with stains, the cycles take a long time to complete and the noise whilst you’re trying to work from home or home school is unbearable. And drying the laundry is another conundrum because it’s still far too cold to hang it up outside in this weather, and no one likes to wrestle with the clothes dryer as it takes a few days to dry even the smallest load.

A new washing machine and / or tumble dryer could be the answer here to all your washing woes, especially when it comes with a five year parts and labour warranty which really help in the long run. For added reassurance, we’ve teamed up with AO to share why it’s a good idea to look out for extended warranties when you buy a large appliance.

What is an extended warranty?

In most cases, you’ll receive a two year warranty – also known as guarantee – on large appliances. This will cover all parts and labour should the washing machine or tumble dryer develop a fault and you (as the user) have not caused any damage to it maliciously or by accident.

What the extended warranty covers you for is that the brand is confident that the appliance will develop no faults but, should anything happen, they’ve got you covered for no extra cost. If they’re unable to repair your product they will either exchange the white goods or provide you with a refund, and remote technical support may also be provided for the product(s).

Who will it suit?

Much like buying a new washing machine which come with a Quick Wash programme for washing your laundry in just 15 minutes, warranties are also a quick way to offer a confidence boost to what you are buying with your money. Large appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers are not exactly cheap either, nor are they the most desirable products to buy since they are more of a necessity rather than anything else so an extended warranty will provide some reassurance to nervous shoppers, or first time buyers.

Up to a five year (or longer) warranty will move with you for as long as you have the appliance, too, so it’s added convenience when you need it.

What's the environmental impact?

The longer you have an appliance, the more use you will be getting out of it which will reduce the need to replace it so frequently. Ultimately, repair is often better than replace which will reduce your carbon footprint – something which we all need to think more about.

Time and money will also be saved with an extended warranty which will give you more hours in the day to spend elsewhere in the home. If you do end up needing to buy a new washing machine, keep a look out for those with an A+++ energy rating which will help to keep your monthly energy bills down.

Which appliances come with an extended warranty?

If your old washing machine or tumble dryer is beyond repair or, perhaps, you want to get a washing machine which is more energy efficient then now is your chance.

Take a look at the Samsung QuickDrive™ WW90T986DSH Wifi Connected 9Kg Washing Machine, for example. It features Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology which automatically mixes the perfect amount of water with your detergent for a really deep clean at low temperatures, saving you money on your bills whilst leaving everything spotless. And comes with a unique AddWash™ door for adding any stray socks during a wash cycles which will save you time on re-setting programmes, too. This clever mini drawer is also really useful for adding in extra fabric conditioner or any delicate clothing which just needs a simple rinse at the end of a cycle.

With the extended warranty this particular washing machine, along with other Samsung laundry appliances, is assured to service you for up to five years (at least) whilst generating savings for you in more ways than one.

Samsung washing machine with 5 year warranty

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How to claim for an extended warranty?

First up you’ll need to select which eligible appliances you want to buy, pop it in your shopping basket and checkout with it at AO. You’ll then need to claim for your extended warranty through the brands website by a specific time and date. Simple. 

Why shop at AO?

AO are a helpful bunch who do everything they can to get the latest tech and electricals to you. They'll deliver you new appliance for free seven-days-a-week, and connect it for you for an additional helping hand. They'll even remove and recycle your old appliance to get it out of the way for you. Found it cheaper elsewhere? No worries: AO will price match against any retailer, any day of the week so you know you're getting a good deal.