How to keep your food fresher longer

Find out how to reduce food waste and keep your food in great condition with Bosch

Bosch fridge freezer
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Trying to eat healthier this summer? One thing that’s guaranteed to help you swap unhealthy snacks for wholesome fruit and veg is stocking your fridge with fresh produce. When you get home at the end of the day, you’ll be much more likely to reach for that carrot or apple if it’s what’s in your fridge.

Yet for many of us, buying fruit and veg can be a drain on our finances. We’ve all thrown away unfinished bags of salad and gone off veg; it’s disappointing and it may even prevent us from healthy food shopping in the future. 

The good news is that now you can stop blaming yourself for forgetting about the veg you have in your fridge, and upgrade to better refrigerating technology instead. The problem with many older fridge models is that they don’t refrigerate evenly, or create condensation that makes fresh produce go off. The new Bosch Serie 4 KGN34XL35G 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer boasts the unique VitaFresh technology that keeps your fresh food refrigerated in optimal temperature and humidity, prolonging its freshness. The VitaFresh 0°C compartments are especially effective at keeping meat and fish in top condition without over-cooling. Fantastic for storing large quantities of meat and cheese as well as fruit and vegetables, this fridge can also save you time on endless trips to the supermarket throughout the week. 

The other great feature of the new Bosch is its no-frost technology: this fridge freezer requires no manual defrosting whatsoever, constantly circulating cold air in a way that prevents frost build up. Easy care, large capacity, up to five years' warranty, and keeps your food fresher for longer? The whole Bosch range is a line-up you can rely on. We’re sold. 

And now you've got the best appliance for keeping your food fresher for longer, follow our top tips for storing your food correctly.

Top tips to keep your food fresher for longer

  • Don't store your veg in the coolest part of the fridge: most vegetables need cool but not cold temperatures to keep them in optimal condition;
  • Bulk buy long-life produce such as onions and potatoes, but try not to buy overly large quantities of tender leaves or herbs, as they go off very quickly;
  • Do keep onions and root vegetables in separate compartments, or the onions will make the other veg go off;
  • Meat and fish should alwas be storedin the coldest part of the fridge (usually the bottom shelf), and can be kept frozen for up to a month;
  • You can freeze soft fruit such as berries and then use them in crumbles or pies. Berries frozen right after purchase can last for months in a quality freezer.

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