How to heat a kitchen with underfloor heating

Renovating your kitchen? Consider installing underfloor heating for a sense of comfort and style that also adds value to your property

If you’re planning on redesigning your kitchen, typically you might only be focusing on the obvious upgrades; new cabinetry, work-surfaces, flooring and appliances. However, as part of the renovation you should consider upgrading the kitchen heating system too. Underfloor heating is discreetly installed beneath the floor finish therefore not taking up valuable wall space in kitchens with limited space. Floor heating gently warms up cold floors to your preferred comfort temperature and adds value to your home, making it a smart heating solution for kitchens.

The perfect heating solution for you kitchen 

Whether you are designing a small, galley-style kitchen or an airier, open-plan kitchen and dining space in which to entertain, underfloor heating is worth considering as it brings comfort and energy-efficiency to your home. Underfloor heating also means not having to make any style compromises when designing the kitchen of your dreams. You no longer have to worry about where to place a radiator.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens and keeping the heart of homes warm and cosy is important to bringing that extra sense of comfort to our homes. Small kitchens often have very limited wall space – this can prove a headache when trying to fit in a traditional central-heated radiator. Many homeowners must hide them beneath work surfaces or in narrow gaps behind doors, leading to inefficient heat output levels. In more expansive kitchens, radiator placement can be an even trickier proposition since they can’t be easily positioned in open-plan spaces and can interrupt your interior design plans too.  Underfloor heating is a good solution to these problems by providing an ‘invisible’ heating solution.

Electric or water floor heating?

There are two kinds of underfloor heating systems that you can consider heating your kitchen with:   water or electric systems. Water systems involve distributing heated water through heating pipes, also known as circuits, laid within the subfloor beneath your floor finish and are recommended for use in new-build construction projects as they typically raise floor heights.

Electric underfloor heaters are suitable for home renovation projects as they have a negligible effect on floor build-up and offer quick installation times and ease of use. Many electric floor heaters make use of a heated mat system where ultra-thin electric heating wires are attached to a ready-sized mat which can simply be rolled out and adhered to the subfloor. Once installed by a qualified installer and tested by an electrician, your choice of floor finish can be laid on top. Warmup produce a wide range of both water and electric underfloor heating systems and finding the perfect heating solution for your kitchen with them couldn’t be easier. Warmup underfloor heating systems are suitable with almost all flooring finishes.

Underfloor Heating improves energy-efficiency

Floor heating uses less energy than central-heating systems. That is because floor heaters use radiant heat and run at lower temperatures than radiators, whilst giving out the same level of warmth.

Using an underfloor heater with high-quality insulation enhances its energy-efficiency by reducing heat-loss and improving heat-up times of the system too, making sure your kitchen stays warm with little energy wastage. Controlling the heater with a Smart Thermostat offers even greater energy-saving functionality. The technologies within Warmup’s 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat and its connected smartphone apps offer automatic heating, meaning your kitchen’s heating runs at an optimal temperature when you need it and at more efficient levels when you don’t, all without you having to set-up a complicated programme. Controlling an underfloor heating system with Warmup’s Smart heating management technology also allow big savings on your energy bills.

Warmth and advanced technology at an affordable price

Underfloor Heating brings comfort and style to your kitchen at an accessible price point. Heating a smaller kitchen with a Warmup electric floor heater could cost less than the price a new kitchen appliance and most electric systems can be installed in as little as one to two days by a qualified installer. Due to their higher levels of energy-efficiency, underfloor heating systems typically have low running costs too.

When you embark on your kitchen renovation project, think about how you’d like to heat it too. Installing an underfloor heating system could prove cost-effective and free-up the space so you can really explore your creative vision without any compromises. 

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