How to choose a top design range cooker

The epitome of style and substance, a range cooker is the beating heart of a kitchen. So how do you choose the right one?

Bertazzoni range cookers
(Image credit: Bertazzoni)

Providing a key focal point of the room and delivering multiple uses all in one, it is essential that you new range cooker both stands out and meets individual needs. But range cookers offer myriad options to decide on including width, number of ovens and burners, technology type, functionality, style and finish. With so much choice at your disposal, there’s a lot to consider before you are able to even whittle down your shortlist.

Luckily, Bertazzoni are on hand to walk us through all of those decisions. You'll be cooking on gas – or electric if you prefer – in no time.

Picking the right size of cooker

While range cookers are available in standard 60cm dimensions, they are known for their scale and impact and are most popular in larger 90cm–120cm widths. To that end, step one of choosing a range cooker is to check your measurements and ensure the plans stack up. This will help to avoid any ‘square peg, round hole’ situations.   

Known for their capacity, range cookers offer up to three ovens plus a separate grill or induction cavity, all specified depending on personal preference. So, essentially, the space you have to ‘play with’ will dictate what width of model you can have, then you can start thinking about style, fuel type and finish.

What fuel types are available?

Traditionally, range cookers are perceived to be made from cast iron and fuelled by wood or oil. This may have been the case a century ago, but modern appliances come in electric designs for more versatility. This means they can be installed without a flume and can be plugged into a standard plug socket, combining the charm of a traditional range cooker with the convenience of modern times.

There are a variety of designs that come in different fuel types, including all electric, gas or dual fuel, but essentially the decision is one of aesthetics and technology preference. Cooktops are either gas or induction – both of which offer instantaneous heat – and some models offer the opportunity to add a teppanyaki grill, too. Yet again, you can choose what surface you prefer to cook on.

Bertazzoni range cookers

(Image credit: Bertazzoni)

Style and aesthetics

With range cookers being a focal point of the kitchen, it is important to match it with the overall aesthetics of the room. This is with regards to both style and finish. Fortunately there are a wide range of colours to choose from and designs that lend themselves to a modern of traditional setting, seamlessly.

If subtle tones are what you’re looking for, it’s easy enough to make your range cooker fit with the pre-existing kitchen. Range cookers in stylish stainless steel are a safe choice if you’re looking for a timeless piece that will work with any scheme, no matter how many times you want to redecorate. Alternatively, there is a range of subdued tones, such as burgundy, cream and black, which would pair beautifully with numerous kitchen designs.

Each Bertazzoni collection comes with unique aesthetics to suit any design scheme. The Professional Series is known for its sleek and modern finishes with distinctive style features including elegant knobs and efficiently-designed handles.

The Heritage Series is more of a ‘classic’ range cooker aesthetic, inspired by the original Bertazzoni stoves dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. They are an ideal way to combine traditional aesthetics with a modern induction cooktop – a real juxtaposition of old and new. 

The Master Series combines commercial kitchen-inspired style, engineered with fine Italian design. Versatile and elegant, the Master Series 100 cm 6-burner electric triple oven comes with an auxiliary oven, adjustable grill and versatile gas burners which includes two dual-ring power burners.

Bertazzoni range cookers

(Image credit: Bertazzoni)

Bertazzoni is famed for its bright and colourful range cookers which feature the same finishes as famous Italian sports cars, so, in this respect, should you wish to have a statement appliance in the kitchen, the rest of the room should take design cues from the centrepiece.

A red, orange or yellow model from Bertazzoni’s Professional Series, for example, will really stand out in the kitchen. From this, you can choose more mooted tones throughout the space, or alternatively opt for complementary colourways which can be incorporated throughout the kitchen to create a consistent theme.

Product features

While a range cooker is the epitome of classic kitchen design, they can do so much more than just cook. Modern options are kitted out with plenty of features to add to your cooking capabilities.

A range cooker is perfect for cooking different meals at the same time. The Bertazzoni Professional Series 90cm induction top cooker comes with five cooking zones, 11 oven functions including bake, defrosting, fast preheat and pizza.

Offering further assistance when preparing food, the model also comes with a food probe. This monitors the internal cooking temperature of food meaning perfect results are achieved every time and more time can be spent entertaining guests.

About Bertazzoni

Bertazzoni, a family-run business established in 1882 and with fifth and sixth generation family members at the helm, never forgets that its roots are in the traditions of Italian flair. 

The brand name is now synonymous with design excellence across the globe, thanks to its dedication to stylish, quality and functional appliances. 

Find out more about Bertazzoni and its beautiful range cookers.

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