How to choose a toilet seat – the modern considerations

Five steps on what to consider when choosing a modern day toilet seat

white sleek toilet seat in pink bathroom
(Image credit: Pressalit)

If you’ve reached the stage of renovating your bathroom, where you need to decide on a toilet seat, then your design process is about to get really interesting. Because replacing or choosing a new toilet seat may not seem like the most glamorous of endeavours, but when you’re fitting out a new gorgeous bathroom, it is key to get it right. Plus, the simple act of changing your toilet seat, can actually be one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. Meaning that you might not need a complete remodel after all… And what if we told you that there are now cool and luxurious design-led companies around, making waves in the design world with innovative and on-trend toilet seats? 

Because there is, in fact, an art to choosing your toilet seat, and there certainly is more to it than meets the eye. When it comes to design, style and function, you want a seat that means business. And it’s all in the detail, so that not only will your toilet seat complete the functionality of your bathroom space, but that it will also contribute to the overall interior design scheme and ambiance that you want to create.

Pressalit is a Red Dot (International design) award-winning, Scandinavian brand that has been paving the way for modern and desirable toilet seats, now for more than 60 years. And their collection of prized toilet seats is changing the way we choose them, once and for all. On that note, let’s dive into what you should be looking for when selecting a new toilet seat, for an optimum bathroom experience, on all fronts. 

1. The form

Selecting the right shaped seat is a must, and the right place to start also. It’s important to find a seat that fits your toilet bowl perfectly, and there are toilet seat experts on hand to help should you need it. If you’re going solo, then you can make life easier for yourself by browsing seats that fit most universal bowls, while choosing a company with other models that are specifically developed and designed to fit specific popular toilet series, is ideal also.

Specifically, you should start by measuring the distance between the mounting holes for the seat hinges, which should then indicate whether an individual seat will measure up correctly to your toilet pan for smooth installation. From there you can see which seats are available to you.

black toilet seat cover in modern bathroom space

(Image credit: Pressalit)

And if you are replacing your entire toilet in a remodel, you should think about the shape you want and need, to best enhance the rest of your design scheme. A classic round shaped seat can give you a more traditional look, while more angular or modern D-shaped toilet seats will create a more contemporary space.

2. The function

We all know a toilet’s main purpose, but to make your bathroom experience that bit more luxurious, there are some additional functions that you can consider when choosing your toilet seat. Imagine the luxury of not just a soft close seat, but of a really soft closing toilet seat – it makes all the difference – while if you’re looking for a more accessible toilet with increased stability, posture support, and high capacity load, you can find all these features in seamless and harmonious designs that are 100% sturdy, without being bulky.

Consider not just the use of the toilet also, but of the bathroom as a whole. Do you partake in the occasional pampering session? If so, considering a folding seat to double up as the perfect perch for grooming and the likes, is a wise idea.

black modern toilet seat in minimal bathroom

(Image credit: Pressalit)

When you choose a design that is so refined, from the seat’s shape to finer aesthetic touches like invisibly mounted hinges, a seat that lifts off the bowl easily, and a smooth seat cover surface (for effortless cleaning), it means that this spot may become the more desirable seat in the house… 

And with this comes, the option for a wraparound or sandwich close – fine considerations that will make a difference to create the perfect look and feel that you envisage in your bathroom.

3. The finer details

The right toilet seat will help create an experience that is more than just comfortable, and a lot of this comes down to their composition and how they feel. Many seats are now made from ingrained duroplast which is scratch resistant, similar looking and feeling to ceramic, without the plasticy feel of other alternatives. While you should also look for materials that are free from any environmentally hazardous substances, and for additional treatments such as Polygiene® which reduce bacteria growth and therefore, have an antibacterial effect. You can also opt for wooden seats, of course, for a durable, classic, quality seat option.

black simple toilet seat in Scandi style bathroom

(Image credit: Pressalit)

It’s all about choosing the seat that first and foremost suits your needs, but also one with those extra few touches which can make daily bathroom life easier and more pleasurable.

4. The hue

A classic white toilet seat, when seamlessly designed, can really make a bathroom sing. But now that you can find such a curated variety of on-trend colours to choose from, wouldn’t you be intrigued to select something a little different? We’re not talking about avocado green – although never off the cards – but about clean, bright and uplifting or moody and sophisticated colours that are going to inject positive energy into your surroundings.

white sleek toilet seat in pink bathroom

(Image credit: Pressalit)

Colour choice is so personal, and the style-conscious will enjoy the new age selection of options on the market, to help create their desired look. From Pressalit, you can consider Bahamabeige (beige with a difference) for minimal looks, while dark blue will create a sophisticated finish, and Bermuda blue or red, are perfect for an uplifting ambiance. Whether you want to match your toilet seat and cover to your wall colour, or pick a hue that will bring out the pattern in your floor tiles – you can trust the trend-setters of the toilet seat world to put the most current colours, contours, and finishes forward.

5. The complete look

Whether you’re adding the final touches or the core pieces to your bathroom, what counts is how they all come together. And, as a fundamental part of the bathroom, choosing a toilet seat that not only fits the look, but that sets off the entire style of your space, is a must. Gone are the days of choosing any old ‘discreet’ toilet seat to simply disappear into your bathroom’s surroundings, as it’s clear there are now endless sophisticated designs in not just toilet seats, but in bathroom accessories too, that can actually bring your entire bathroom design together perfectly. So you create the impact you want. Whether you want classic looks, or more sought after contemporary colours and finishes like matte black and grey –  perfect for modern, minimal interiors.

grey toilet seat in sophisticated bathroom

(Image credit: Pressalit)

From the perfect fit, to the design and colour, now you have the tools to find the right toilet seat for your space, that will not only look beautiful, but that will stand the test of time.

We love Pressalit toilet seats because of how refined they are, from the design to the high quality of materials used and the colours available. A toilet seat like Pressalit’s Sway is a great example of toilet seat excellence, and it’s earning its stripes on the International design scene for good reason. Then, it doesn’t stop at that. Team your toilet seat with the other bathroom accessories that you not only need – think sleek paper holder and the likes – but that will also help add a little wow factor to your space, and you are guaranteed a fresh and self-assured finish and a bathroom to be proud of.

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