7 ways to design a professional and supportive home office space

TV on acoustic wood panels
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Since the pandemic began about 18-months ago, the amount of people working from home has more than doubled in the UK. While some of us are slowly returning to offices, many of us have decided to continue working from the comfort of home, even if it is just a day or two a week.

So in this new world, where we take virtual business meetings from our kitchen tables (or the couch on occasion) and chat to our colleagues virtually, it’s more important than ever to make sure our working environment is supporting us in the best way possible.

Whether you commute to your spare room-come-office every day, work at a desk tucked into a corner of the living room or if you went all out to create a garden office space, ensuring your setup is stylish and functional is key for enhanced productivity and motivation. 

From decorating your surroundings to ensuring the sound quality of your working area is on point, this is how you can make the most of whatever space you have.

1. Declutter your work area

A tidy space allows for a tidy mind. And, by clearing your work area of bric-a-brac before you sit down, you’ll be amazed at how much headspace you will get back. Do this first to see how else you can make improvements to your WFH setup.

Paneled dining room area

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2. Think about the backdrop

Sure, some of us play around with Zoom background options but we can't always pretend we're in Tahiti. Make life easier day-to-day by styling the wall or open plan space behind you so that you can create a view that's more than presentable.

It goes without saying that no one wants to see dirty laundry in the background of a call and while the odd kids' toy is perfectly acceptable, why not distract from the clutter of daily life with a gallery wall or houseplant display? Stylish, inspiring and sure to frame your meeting perfectly.

And, if you like a minimal look, you could upgrade your walls with beautifully designed wall panelling like Akupanels. Created by WoodUpp – the makers of The Original Slat Wall Panels – these come complete with good looks and remarkable sound absorbing functionalities too.

3. Focus on acoustics 

Most homes aren’t built to be offices too, so you may never have noticed an echoey or even muffled sound in your rooms until you started spending much more time there.

And that din isn't something you particularly want to get used to, especially if you take client calls all day. Improving the acoustics of your space is within reach and it doesn't have to be expensive either. Sound absorbing acoustic panels like Akupanels can make a huge difference to the overall sound quality in a space.

You only need to install a couple to significantly reduce reverberation throughout the room and, they will give a Scandi-esque finish to your desk space too.

Akupanels measure 2400 x 600 mm and they are made up of 11m deep and 27 mm wide slats, with a 13mm gap between them. The slats themselves come mounted on a base of acoustic felt that's made out of recycled plastic bottles. So you can nod to sustainability, style and good sound all in one.

4. Make it personal

It’s important that you like the space that you’re working in, otherwise you won’t enjoy ‘going’ to work everyday. To reinvigorate your space, you want to make it feel unique but also comfortable and curated for only you. It is your house after all...

Keeping family photos, as you would do in a regular office, perhaps your favourite mug and plant(s) close by will remind you that this space is carved out for you to work to the best of your capabilities.

5. Purify the air, naturally 

There has been a lot of buzz around 'air purifying' in the past few months. And, to help cleanse the air around you naturally, you can look to indoor plants. Not only can they reduce carbon dioxide levels, but they will also help regulate humidity and reduce pollutants in your home working environment. Pick up a Peace Lily, Fern or Spider Plant to enjoy their natural beauty and breathe a little easier.

6. Colour play 

Green is a good start to bring a more calming ambiance into your working from home environment but, you can add colour and even contour if you may your surroundings with a feature like Akupanels on your wall.

Whether you want a relaxing or energising surround, Akupanels are available in different wood finishes plus felt colours so that you can select a look that suits your needs and your space perfectly. Choose Classic Oak with black felt for a striking Scandi decor scheme or, go for something a little warmer like Walnut. 

If you like to keep your space fresh, modern and maybe a little eclectic, you could  choose white, copper or even blue oxide for a pop of design interest that is sure to get your colleagues talking.

7. Focus on function

From how your WFH space looks to how you use it, having your acoustics and WFH interior design sorted is one thing but, if you currently work hunched over a laptop, it's no good. 

Invest in a supportive desk chair to keep your body and posture in check, while you should also consider a monitor screen which sits level with your eye-line and use a separate mouse and keyboard.

Turning a home office into a space that you really love will not only help your productivity and motivation levels, but it will be a fun creative project too that's sure to add a little more personality to the rest of your home's space too.

To level-up your office space with Scandinavian style and acoustic control, get in touch with WoodUpp today via pm@woodupp.co.uk and be sure to visit www.woodupp.co.uk.

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