5 ways to improve your sleep health this spring

Good sleep is essential to keeping well; these are the top 5 tips for sleeping better with the help of Argos

Improving sleep health with Argos
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Sleep health, sleep hygiene – we hear these terms a lot, but how can you put them in practice on a nightly basis? Record numbers of people are having sleep issues since the beginning of the pandemic, and with sleep being crucial for maintaining a strong immune system and wellbeing, it's more important than ever to take advantage of every sleep-improving technique there is. 

Fortunately, improving sleep health needn't be about developing superhuman willpower. Yes, reading before bed rather than browsing your phone is useful, but not everyone wants to read. However, everyone enjoys a comfortable bedroom that's fresh, well decorated, and well equipped with the right products for a good night's sleep. Arrive in a well-appointed bedroom, and better sleep health will arrive naturally. We show you top 5 ways to achieve this, with the help of Argos

1. Get a substantial bed

The bed is the foundation of good sleep health – a poorly constructed bed that's too low will be uncomfortable to sleep in, no matter how great your mattress and bedding. Ideally, you want your bed to be raised off the ground enough that you don't feel like you're sleeping next to the floor – generally speaking, a little too high is always better than a little too low. 

The other crucial thing about your bed is the head and neck support that it helps to provide; consider a bed with a headboard, as it will allow you to arrange your pillows in a more supportive way. 

2. Invest in a great mattress

This is another non-negotiable investment into your sleep health without which restful slumber is nigh impossible. A mattress should be supportive but not so firm that it will give you a backache; it should ideally support your whole body, relieving any pressure points. Whether you go for a traditional pocket sprung mattress or a foam one, or a hybrid between the two, is very much down to individual preference. The most important thing is quality; look to trusted and well-reviewed brands like Silentnight who can make a bespoke mattress ideally suited to your individual needs.

3. Rethink the lighting scheme

Bedroom by Argos

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Your bedroom decor is not just a 'nice to have' element; the correct decorating scheme with attention to the right details can completely transform your sleep quality – and bedroom lighting is a crucial element of your bedroom look. South-facing bedroom window? Invest in blackout blinds or curtains and you'll be amazed by how much easier it will be to drift off at night, especially in the summer. Bedroom that feels a little too dark? Invest in several table lamps and perhaps even a floor lamp with a soft shade to fill the room with war, diffused light. 

It's also worth considering investing in smart lighting, for example a wake up light, that can create different light effects that will help you drift off or wake up more naturally, by imitating sunset and sunrise. 

4. Accessorise with relaxing room fragrance and fine textiles

Bedroom accessories, Argos

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Candles, essential oil diffusers, and room spritzes can all contribute to better sleep health, but always look for natural ingredients rather than synthetic fragrances, natural wax instead of paraffin, and high-quality diffusers that produce a fine mist and don't make too much of a noise. 

Think of what will bring the most sensorial pleasure in the bedroom alongside fragrance: it could be a set of soft bathroom towels (especially important if you have an en suite), or a pair of cosy, touchable cotton pyjamas. Invest in the small details and be rewarded with a more relaxed mood before bedtime. 

5. Don't forget the kids' bedroom

Argos kids bedroom

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If you've got kids, then their bedroom should be as much a priority as the adults', because if the kids don't sleep well, you almost certainly won't. From a well-constructed kids' bed and great-quality kids' mattress (we'd go organic to help keep their body temperature well regulated), to glow lamps, dimmer switches and nightlights to help them feel safe and comfortable, transform their bedroom into a calm haven. We promise you will feel the difference instantly – because there'll be far less getting up in the night.