5 useful tips for choosing the perfect bathroom tiles

Planning a bathroom remodel? Find out how to choose the best tiles for your walls and floors

Crown tiles metro in Atlantis Blue
(Image credit: Crown Tiles)

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, it can be easy to overlook updating your bathroom tiles. New accessories, such as potted plants or fresh towels, can change the look of your bathroom on a superficial level. But quick fixes just as quickly become dated or damaged and need replacing. Your bathroom tiles are a design feature that will last. Choosing the right surfaces for your walls and floors is vital for bringing every other element in your room together. 

Choosing the right tiles can be slightly daunting. After all, it is a decision that can't be easily reversed once the tiles are installed. Get it right first time by following our guidelines.

1. Maximise your space with high-shine tiles

While our bathrooms are among the most frequently-used rooms in our homes, they’re often also the smallest. If your bathroom isn’t the most spacious, don’t despair – you can fake it with clever tiling tricks. Choosing high-shine or glossy tiles is an easy way to create the illusion of more space in your bathroom. High-shine tiles will reflect all the natural light in your bathroom and brighten up your bathing space. Choosing glossy bathroom tiles is a sure-fire way to maximise your space. 

Choosing larger tiles can also help to create the illusion of space. If you have tiled walls and floors, remember to use your largest tiles on your floor. Larger wall tiles will look out of proportion with smaller floor tiles. 

light duck egg blue tiles from Crown Tiles

(Image credit: Crown Tiles)

2. Add a pop of colour with a tiled backsplash

If you have a monochrome or neutral bathroom, you can add a pop of colour with a brightly coloured backsplash. Choose bold and vibrant metro tiles to create a refreshing colourful accent in your bathroom. 

3. Create a striking design feature with patterned tiles

Vendome tiles from Crown tiles in patterned

(Image credit: Crown Tiles)

Using patterned tiles strategically in your bathroom is a great way to introduce a visually stunning feature in an otherwise minimalist space. When it comes to using patterned tiles, the golden rule is often ‘less is more’. Complement patterned tiles with neutral tones such as greys, whites and beiges. As with any bold design feature, you want to use them sparingly for maximum effect. Try creating design accents around your bathroom fittings by using patterned tiles as a border, on your shower walls or as a backsplash.

To brighten up a drab or dull bathroom, try using Moorish or Arabesque tiles. These Moroccan styles evoke vibrant, sun-kissed interiors and are ideal for brightening up any home. If you want to capture a shabby chic feel, choose kitsch or patchwork patterned tiles. 

4. Choose natural stone tiles for a luxury spa feel

Agora range stone tiles from Crown Tiles

(Image credit: Crown Tiles)

Give your bathroom the high-end feel of a luxury spa by choosing natural stone tiles. With their innate beauty, idiosyncratic patterns and unique textures, natural stone tiles are undeniably beautiful. Choosing warm-toned stone tiles for your walls and floors is ideal for capturing the indulgence of a Middle Eastern hammam, or the rustic charm of the Med. To create this look, I recommend travertine. If you want your bathroom to exude pure opulence, accept no substitutes for marble tiles. For an injection of drama, contrast dark granite tiles with white fittings. 

5. Create a classic look with vintage style tiles

To recreate the classical charm of vintage bathrooms, choosing the right tiles for the look is crucial. A black and white checkerboard tiled floor is iconic for a reason and goes well with all bathroom interiors without overwhelming the design scheme. If you love the glamour of 19th century bathrooms, choose Victoriana patterned tiles. Pair with a traditional clawed bathtub and a chic vanity table for maximum vintage vibes. 

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