5 steps to the perfect lazy summer morning

Make the most of your summer mornings with these top tips...

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Name anything more enjoyable than a completely free, lazy summer morning. Go on, we'll wait. Nope, thought not. It’s the most glorious time of day, slowly waking up (no alarm set, of course) with the sun streaming through the window, a whole morning stretching ahead of you with no plans – beyond eventually moving from your bed, and even that is a very loose plan…

So to pay homage to these rare, but much needed mornings, we have teamed up with Readly to bring you some top tips for making the most of your me time...

1. Don’t instantly go on social media 

We know, the first thing you want to do is pick up your phone or your tablet and start endlessly scrolling through social media. We get it. Whatsapp chats need to be answered, Facebook memories need be checked and Love Island memes need to be caught up on. But before you basically waste half an hour following the demise of Amy and Curtis, why not just take a break for the morning? Just a few hours spent completely offline. We promise it’s not that hard and is great for your mental wellbeing.

2. Spend some time making your fave breakfast

So what to do now you don’t have the distraction of social media? Well, you spend a good bit of time making your favourite breakfast. Whether it’s a bowl of Coco Pops or avocado on toast, treat yourself to exactly what you fancy. Make yourself a cuppa too or a vat of coffee – whatever your preferred morning beverage might be. 

3. Have a bit of a pamper routine

We aren’t talking a full on pedicure here or anything. It could just be popping on a five minute face mask or having a longer shower that you usually would, and, hey, you spend as long as you like sitting in your towel. Just make the most of not being in a rush to do anything or go anywhere, and take your time in doing each step of your routine. 

Oh, and if pampering isn’t your thing, spend some time meditating or – if you can bring yourself to do it – a quick workout.

4. Find your perfect chill spot

Now you're feeling truly zen, it’s time to find the perfect space to spend the rest of your morning chilling out. Maybe this is back in bed? On the sofa? Or, if the weather is nice, head outside and get some vitamin D on ya face. Grab a blanket, some throw cushions and a parasol to create your own summer retreat in your back garden.

5. Get yourself some inspiring reading material 

Maybe we are a bit biased. What are we saying? Of course we're bias! But we reckon sitting down with your favourite magazine is a true sign of a chilled out morning. The only stress is choosing which one to read (psssst – the answer is Real Homes, obv), but thanks to Readly, you don’t have to pick: you have all your fave magazines to scroll through. 

You can read and download over 4,000 magazines from the big names to more niche, independent mags. You can read them offline too, so if your morning routine involves a hammock in the garden too far away from your router for Wi-Fi, you can still have your collection on hand. 

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