5 of the best ways your fridge freezer can help you keep your cool this summer

Be it fending off a summer heatwave with refreshingly easy meals, or hosting last-minute socially distanced dinner parties, here are five ways Fisher & Paykel fridge freezers can make this summer no sweat – whatever you have planned

Fisher & Paykel fridge freezer
(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

Summer 2020 is not really cracking up to be what we thought it would be. Holidays abroad are probably not on the cards, and even a staycation could be tricky with everyone heading to the UK coasts and national parks. So for now, most of us are staying put and enjoying the good weather (when it is playing ball) from our own homes.

While we like to think we have adapted well, this new normal is throwing a few curveballs at us – especially when it comes to keeping the family happy through the summer holidays. You could have socially distanced birthday parties to arrange, maybe a milestone anniversary dinner for your parents, or you’re just trying to make sure everyone is well fed while you juggle working from home with constant babysitting duties. Well, whatever this summer has in store for you, we have found some great ways that having a premium fridge freezer can help you keep your cool.

1. Flexible temperature zones so you always have room for extra ice lollies (and more)

While we often think that Christmas is the time most of us long for more fridge and freezer space, summer certainly has its demands. There never seems to be enough fridge space for all the extra chilled drinks and fresh fruit, then the freezer is an eternal game of tetris, too – ice lollies are a must and you might be battling with numerous ice trays or bags of summer berries for speedy breakfast smoothies. And, if you are still working from home and doing odd hours to fit around childcare, you may have filled the freezer with batch cooked dinners for ease.

If this sounds familiar it is worth investing in a fridge freezer with variable temperature zones. What this means is that your appliance can adapt to what you need to store, rather than the other way round. Fisher & Paykel have several fridges that can offer more freezer space as needed at the push at a button. They have chiller space too, which is the best way to store fresh meat for an impromptu barbecue.

RF605DUVX1 fridge freezer

The Fisher & Paykel RF605DUVX1 fridge freezer has variable temperature zone technology

(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

2. Clever tech to keep your fridge cool and your energy bills low

Did you know that the fridge door is the most opened door in the house? This is probably not surprising if you have been in lockdown with hungry teens for the last few months, but you might be surprised by the impact this has on your energy bills. Inevitably each time you open the door, warm air from the kitchen enters the fridge bringing down the temperature. It can take time for the fridge to recover to the temperature it was at before, meaning your food may not be as cool as it should be which could impact on freshness. If your fridge is constantly trying to reach the right temperature on the hottest days, it will definitely be working overtime. 

This is why Fisher & Paykel fridges have ActiveSmartTM technology. They activate a series of fans to circulate cool air as soon as soon as the fridge is opened, ensuring that it remains at optimum cooling levels. 

3. Chill mode for perfectly stored drinks for any last minute guests

Even though pubs and restaurants have reopened, with limited spaces available this could be the summer that we entertain from home more than we ever have before. Birthdays, engagements, baby showers and more are all taking place in small socially distanced groups up and down the country, leaving hosts with the task of making sure special occasions still feel special. Keep your guests happy (and limit your stress) with a plentiful supply of everyone’s favourite drinks. With Fisher & Paykel, you can make sure every can and bottle is kept at the perfect temperature. Try their cooling drawers for expertly stored beers and wines or upgrade to one of their specialist wine fridges – your family won’t miss their local at all.

Fisher & Paykel cool drawer

Create maximum space for chilling, freezing and cooling with the Fisher & Paykel intregrated CoolDrawerTM

(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

4. Pantry storage settings to limit food waste

Not all fruit and veg should be stored in the fridge. Tomatoes and avocados taste much better (and maintain the right texture) if kept somewhere cool, but not fridge cold. The problem is, summer heat can lead these to perish much quicker if left out on the counter, so we love the pantry mode available on some models of Fisher & Paykel fridge. It stores perishables at a comfortable 11–13ºC so that they stay fresh, without losing their taste.

Fisher & Paykel cooling drawer

The CoolDrawerTM can also be set to Pantry Mode, great for storing perishables in hot weather

(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

5. Super storage to make healthy snacks within easy reach

Fisher & Paykel fridge freezer

The Fisher & Paykel RF605DUVX1 fridge freezer puts other refrigerator's storage to shame. With flexible shelving that can be moved (including half width shelves that make space for taller items) and extra door storage, organisation is never an issue

(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

When the kids are at home all summer, you will certainly notice the family’s food bills rise. While this is to be expected, having plenty of healthy choices to keep them fueled will take up extra room in your fridge. We recommend making the most of every last bit of storage to keep fresh options close to hand and stop them from reaching for their third bag of crisps of the day. Use the fresh produce bins to keep snacks separate from ingredients for tonight’s dinner and dedicate certain shelves to prepped lunches that they can grab themselves. We can’t promise they won’t eat you out of house and home, but at least they won’t have to bother you every time they are hungry.

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