3 reasons to choose a bespoke spiral staircase

Always dreamt of adding a spiral staircase to your home? Here's exactly why you can make that dream a reality

Spiral staircases
(Image credit: British Spirals and Castings)

How often have you swooned over a spiral staircase? Dreamed of having one in your own home? Drifting down it every morning in your silk nightgown… well that’s our vision anyways. And although you might think that your spiral staircase dream cannot become a reality – maybe you think the narrow size won’t suit family life, or your wonky ceilings would make it tricky, but in fact, there are now so many options to suit all styles of home and plenty of sizes too. 

With British Spirals & Castings you can create a totally bespoke design that fits perfectly in your home. Unlike kit staircases, British Spirals & Castings spiral staircases can take into account the design and layout of your home, plus your lifestyle too, and work with you to make all those drifting down the staircase dreams come true. 

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1. You can design a staircase to fit you space exactly 

Spiral staircases

(Image credit: British Spirals and Castings)

What can often limit homeowners that want to add a spiral staircase is the dimensions. If you were to look online at simply buying a kit staircase to add into your space, you’d only be given a few options when it came to dimensions. Well not all houses were built the same – wonky walls, sloping ceilings, uneven floors, they are all common quirks in older homes and usually won’t work with kit staircases. 

BUT, don’t let that put you off, because while bespoke staircases are more of an investment, they can get round the problems that older houses throw at you. British Spirals & Castings can create a design that’s been adapted to fit seamlessly in your space. You can pick the size, the width, the design, so long as it’s with the safety requirements and practically works with your space. 

British Spirals & Castings have designed spiral staircases of all sizes ranging from just 970mm to 2500m, so if you thought that your space was too small to accommodate a spiral staircase. Think again! And wider designs mean that spiral staircases are now an option for family homes too, no having to wait at the bottom for everyone to traipse down as you can create a staircase that’s wide enough to pass on. 

2. You can match your design to your personal style

Then there is of course the look of your spiral staircase too. When you think of spiral staircases you may think of quite traditional aluminum stairs that suit more period properties. But there are so many more options to suit any style, from traditional to super contemporary. And plenty of materials to choose from too, from that more traditional aluminum to a very Scandi feeling Ash wood. With British Spirals & Castings you can work with designers to create exactly what you had in mind for your home, you can even add in elements of your own personal designs. 

3. You know you are investing in a quality staircase

Spiral staircases

(Image credit: British Spirals and Castings)

While kit staircases are often the most affordable option, they vary in quality and do have limits when it comes to size and design. Going bespoke means you know you have invested in a piece that’s been manufactured by hand and British Spirals & Castings have overseen every part of the process. Each component is made in the UK using traditional methods too. 

Plus, you get support throughout the whole process. The team can help with your design ideas, creating dimensional drawings so you can see exactly what your finished product will look like. Plus, you can get advice on building regulations and any safety requirements.