Best detail paintbrushes

The best detail paintbrushes are fine-tipped tools that allow you to fine-tune your artwork and add small-scale embellishments

best detail paint brushes
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The best detail paintbrush can bring your beautiful artworks and crafts to life, adding small defining features. They can also come in useful for nail art and face and body painting. These brushes are all obviously small in scale but come in various shapes, designs, and materials, so your masterpiece is completed to perfection with the best possible tool. When it comes to the best detail paintbrushes, we have a selection of superb sets for you to consider.

Staff pick

best detail paint brushes

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AIEX 9-piece fine detail paintbrush set

Set of nine fine-tip brushes

These detail paintbrushes are good for painting and nail art. 


  • Nine-piece set
  • Fine-tip brushes
  • Great for painting and nail art


  • Handles are quite delicate

These detail paintbrushes have triangle handle grips, making them great for adding important finishing touches to your artwork. Whether you're using these fine-tip brushes for oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, or nail art, this set is a great choice. With nine different widths and sizes, these detail paintbrushes are ready to craft any masterpiece. The bristles are shed-resistant, and the synthetic hairs won't easily fray or split. 

Best nylon

best detail paint brushes

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EBOOT detail paintbrush set

Made with nylon bristles

These detail paintbrushes feature sturdy and trimmed nylon bristles. 


  • Five-piece set 
  • Five different brush sizes
  • Flexible and sturdy brush tips
  • Protective tubes for storing


  • Bristles may spread with a heavy hand

These detail paintbrushes can be used in a variety of mediums. The five different sizes make adding detail to your projects easy. The brush tips are made from durable, soft, and flexible nylon material. This gives you the freedom to maneuver your brush as you please. The bristles are trimmed, so you won't have to worry about frayed edges ruining your painting. These brushes come with protective tubes for storage.

Best variety


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D'Artisan Shoppe miniature paintbrushes

Round, flat, pointed, and liner brushes

These detail paintbrushes come in 12 different sizes and multiple styles. 


  • 12-piece set
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Fine tips
  • Storage case
  • Great for model painting


  • May not hold as much paint as expected

If you're looking to paint models or intricate portraits, this paintbrush set really allows you to add intricate details to your artwork. The brush handles are made in a special ergonomic shape, making them durable and comfortable in your hand and easier to manoeuvre than traditional alternatives. They also have fine tips in pointed, rounded, flat, and liner shapes. When you're not using these brushes, you can conveniently store them in the included carrying case. 

Best size options

best detail paint brushes

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Golden Maple detail paintbrush set

Come in ten different size options

These detail paintbrushes come in different sizes for precision. 


  • 10-piece set 
  • Compatible with all mediums
  • Triangular grip


  • Not great for painting figurines

If you're looking for a detail paintbrush that can help you add precision to your projects, this ten-brush set is a terrific option. With a variety of sizes, you can add details to every painting. The handles have a triangular shape; the design reduces hand fatigue and makes holding the brushes easy. These paintbrushes are compatible with almost all art mediums. The brush sizes are clearly marked on the handles so you know you're reaching for the correct size. 

Best ultra-fine

best detail paint brushes

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Transon detail model paintbrushes

A traditional set

These detail paintbrushes have very fine bristles and solid birch wood handles.


  • Seven-piece set
  • Great for gouache, acrylic, watercolor, oil, and more
  • Synthetic, anti-shedding, ultra-fine bristles


  • Brushes may start to fray after a while

These detail paintbrushes are great for adding extreme detail. This set includes seven ultra-fine brushes that are great for painting forests, landscapes, figurines, and more. The synthetic bristles are made from anti-shedding materials, and the handles are made from strong birch wood. These brushes are compatible with gouache, acrylic, watercolor, oil, and more. These brushes offer handsome handles that are made from solid birch wood that's been given a UV paint finish.

Best with a stand


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Nicpro 15-pack miniature painting set

A convenient choice

The durable nylon case these brushes come in doubles as a handy stand.


  • 15-piece set 
  • Triangular handles 
  • Aluminum ferrules 


  • High cost 

This comprehensive set is comprised of 15 different paintbrushes of varying shapes and sizes, from flat-head brushes to incredibly fine-pointed options for intricate detail work. We like this brush set's case; it's made of durable nylon with a zipper closure and can be positioned to be used as a stand so your brushes are neatly at hand. These brushes have innovative triangular handles that offer a stable grip and won't roll off your work surface if you put them down. The bristles of these brushes are made of a soft, synthetic material. 

Brushing up 

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The best detail paintbrushes allow you to add precision to your artwork. The AIEX 9-piece fine detail paintbrush set comes with nine different-sized brushes that all have fine tips. This brush set is great for adding intricacies to your projects. These brushes can also be used for nail art. 

The D'Artisan Shoppe miniature paintbrushes offer a wide variety when it comes to detail paintbrushes. With flat, round, and pointed brushes, this set is terrific for painting models and figurines. 

Anyone who wants to have their brushes clearly visible and close to hand should consider a set that comes complete with a case that transforms into a stand. The Nicpro 15-pack miniature painting set is just that. These brushes have triangular-shaped handles for an improved grip. 

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