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Location: London & South East, Buckinghamshire, All UK & Northern Ireland

Bona’s network of Certified Contractors are all independent wood floor specialists. They can install your new wood floors or renovate existing ones. Each of them offers a dust-free sanding service which means there’s no big clean up required after they’ve finished the work. The Bona adhesives and finishes they will use have all been developed in Sweden to have minimal impact on the environment. In fact Bona pioneered the development of water based lacquers in the 1970s to replace traditional solvent formulations. They’ll also help you choose the best finish for your floor so the surface looks and performs just how you want it to.

Each of our certified contractors has also been trained to create the 17 Bona Inspiration looks using our special brushing technique to enhance the wood grain, and Bona colours and oils to produce the new look that will totally transform the feel and appearance of your existing, beloved wood floor.

Bona certified contractors are based across the UK – use our link below to search for your local wood floor specialist.

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Working with a Bona Certified Contractor – One homeowner’s experience:

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