Guide to buying a lawnmower

Choosing the right lawnmower can often be a challenge but to help you select the right tool for your garden, follow this expert advice on what to consider

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Choosing the right lawn mower can often be a challenge but to help you select the right tool for your garden, follow this expert advice from Joao Barufi, brand manager at Bosch on what to consider

Q: What do you need to consider when updating your lawnmower?

A: Lawn size

The size of your garden will determine which type of lawnmower is most suitable. It’s important to take into account the cutting width of the mower blades, as the wider the blade, the less time it will take to finish the lawn. Ultimately if you have a larger lawn it would benefit from a mower with a larger cutting width, such as 40 or 43cm, to make the job quicker and easier.

Corded or cordless

Choosing between corded or cordless ranges is dependent on your garden size, as if you don’t have easy access to a mains power supply cordless is the best option. A battery-powered mower, which will give you freedom from power cables and allow you to roam across the lawn, while having as much power as a corded option. A lithium ion battery can provide enough power to last for up to 90 minutes, and in most cases will take an hour to charge.


Try out a selection of models to establish the design and weight, which offer the most comfort to you. Look out for styles that you’ll be able to use without hunching over or stretching to reach the controls as this could cause muscle strain.

Finished look

You should give consideration to how you want the finished lawn to look once it is mowed. Some lawnmowers include grass combs, which allow you to mow up to and over the edge of your lawn, without the need to always finish the edges with a separate tool. Choosing a lawnmower with an integrated rear roller will allow you to recreate the traditional two-tone stipe look too.

Q: I want to choose a lawnmower that is eco-friendly, what are my options?

A: The days of lawnmowers being regarded as gas-guzzling gadgets that emit toxins and create noise pollution are long gone. Today, the lawnmower has had something of an environmental makeover with battery-powered options now presenting a more eco-friendly option, reducing noise, fumes and use of non-renewable fuels.

Q: How long should a lawnmower last?

A: To get the most out of your lawnmower and to ensure it stands the test of time, it’s important to give it the right care. By brushing away any grass clippings around the mower bowl after each use and carefully checking blades for breakages and trapped debris will help keep your mower running efficiently help it last for many years.

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Main image: Nicola Stocken/Gardenpix