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Vale Garden Houses - Orangeries

A traditional period Orangery is very different in design and construction to that of a classical Conservatory. Not better or worse, just very different to reflect its intended use and the way it has to work and sit with the architecture of the host building.

The main difference is in the entire roof structure, an Orangery has a glazed lantern which has a smaller footprint than the structure itself. Because of this, the pitch of the roof can be much lower, with an angle of 22.5 degrees, rarely more than 25 degrees, and the amount of glass is significantly less too.

This creates a softer interior ambiance and a roof profile that is more sympathetic to a wide variety of achitectural backcloths. The Orangery roof structure also differs to that of a Conservatory. The Orangery has a traditional wide hidden Box-gutter to the perimeter of the lantern, which drains water through chutes into traditional hoppers and downpipes.

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