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Tree Pit TradePack® by SureSet

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Location: Wiltshire

Designed for you to use on your own projects, our resin bound paving Tree Pit TradePack is SureSet’s new self-install product.

One Tree Pit TradePack provides a sufficient quantity of SureSet aggregate and resin to install a 10m² area at a depth of 40mm.

Tree Pit TradePacks are delivered with full mixing and installation instructions, a 40 litre bucket and paddle whisk attachment (drill not included).

The technology behind SureSet maximises the voids between particles of stone, which allows water to reach the roots of the tree and provides protection and durability with the flexibility for tree growth.

  • It’s permeable - allowing water to drain through to the sub-base.
  • It’s very low maintenance, highly durable and UV stable.
  • There’s no loose stone to scatter to other areas of your garden.
  • It’s SuDS compliant - does not require planning permission.
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