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Powering the patio: Hamilton Litestat helps bring power and wireless control to your great outdoors!

As spring approaches, most homeowner’s focus shifts from the inside to their outside space as they look at how to make the most of their garden for use in the spring, summer and beyond. From installing power to wirelessly controlling lighting and water features, Hamilton is making it easy to upgrade the garden with its waterproof wiring accessories and wireless switching systems, which are suited to all weather conditions, including the ‘British summer’!

Elemento – brings power safely to the garden

Get power where needed in the garden with Hamilton’s  Elemento waterproof wiring accessories. Specially designed for outdoor requirements, the Elemento range includes socket outlets, switches, connection units, enclosures all meeting IP66 standards. Each have been designed with an easy-to-open latch and scientifically-formulated gel seal that ensures integrity and protection from water, dust and small particles, making them perfect for outdoor residential.

The Elemento range has recently undergone a design refresh, with new lockable casings for the socket plates, while the switch plates feature larger, modern switch designs that make them more robust and suited to outdoor requirements, while keeping them contemporary and on-trend. With a ten-year guaranteed, the casing can withstand hot and cold extremes and will not discolour, fade or crack out in the elements.

Hamilton’s Air Wireless Switching – remote control your garden!

Once there’s power in the garden, Hamilton’s Air Wireless Switching system enables remote control of outdoor electricals, such as garden lighting, electric gates, garage doors and water feature pumps. Mains voltage powers the Hamilton outdoor unit, which then controls up to four individual circuits. Each 10-amp circuit can be wired to a different outdoor electrical feature, allowing it to be switched on and off within a 250-metre range with a convenient hand-held key fob. 

Alternatively, you can control the system from the comfort of your arm chair with its sleek and unobtrusive surface-mounted wireless switch plate that can be located anywhere indoors. 

Multiple remote controllers can be linked to the device, which provides on/off and timed functionality. The timed option is particularly suited to devices such as water feature pumps that need regular use, or for when homeowners are away from the property. The system is compatible with all Hamilton Air accessories, has an IP56 rating and is suited for all weather conditions for year-round control.

Don’t forget Hamilton’s range of Metalclad switch plates & sockets – the perfect solution for the garage or shed where things need to be robust and a little more hard-wearing. Together, Hamilton’s outdoor wiring accessories and controls help bring power to the garden and make using the outside space more comfortable and convenient. When it comes to quality and choice, Hamilton has it covered. 

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