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The flexibility of the Schüco sliding door range gives huge scope to choose the perfect sleek, contemporary design for your home. The long-lasting aluminium frames are available in over 200 colours – whether you’re looking for a dramatic splash of colour or understated elegance, the choice is yours.

A selection of options:

Panoramic Sliding Units

Maximum views with the largest individual panel size. Up to 3.5m of uninterrupted open view, floor to ceiling, combined with slim frames for minimal sight lines.

Lift and Slide

Ease of operation combined with rigorous weatherproofing. The high quality roller mechanism ensures the panels are light and easy to move but, when closed, the system seals for the ultimate draught-free airtight fit.


Individual panels can be included to tilt as well as slide – allowing for bucketloads of fresh air to flow through your home whenever you want.

You can see the elegance of a Schüco door, but to understand the quality you really need to feel it. Experience the ease with which the panels slide open and the reassuring firmness with which they close. Time after time, year after year. Look out for:

Effortless opening and closing. All you have to do is lift a finger. Precision-engineered stainless steel tracks and rollers do the rest.

• Level threshold options remove any distinction between inside and outside – no trip hazard and a smooth surface for wheels (or roller skates).

• Secure locking systems tested to the international standard PAS 24 with burglar resistance to RC2 (European Standard EN1627), giving you peace of mind.

• Track and panel profiles which fully disappear from view and concealed fittings and components for the purist design solutions.

• Smooth, quiet and easy to use. Meticulously engineered to make life simple.

• Excellent thermal efficiency: the airtight insulating glazing ensures heat stays in your home when you want it to.

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