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FibreChalk is the result of many years of research and development by Anglia Lime Company (ALC). Twenty years ago they carried out tests that revealed the ancient lost recipe for ‘Haired Chalk’ lime plaster. This plaster had been used for centuries all over the country and is still regularly found in perfect condition. ALC subsequently reintroduced the mix and have been supplying it ever since.

FibreChalk is the innovative modern version of this ancient Haired Chalk plaster. With just the replacement of the animal hair with synthetic fibres it replicates not just the look of this old plaster but also its extreme flexibility and breathability:


With its incredible flexibility it accommodates natural movement in a building structure, resists shrinkage, cracking and shearing.


FibreChalk is vapour permeable so will help to prevent the build-up of moisture levels in your building.

Eco Friendly

The lime in the plaster absorbs nearly its own weight in CO2 during the curing (drying) process. In addition, the manufacturing of lime uses 20% less CO2 than cement manufacture.

FibreChalk is the natural choice of plaster for traditional lath and plasterwork and timber framed buildings indeed it is universal in its application for Historic and Listed Buildings and conservation projects. However its key features also make it perfectly suited for use with modern and ecological building materials such as: Lightweight block, metal lath, plasterboard, clay, wood wool board, timber lath, reed, straw bale, brick etc.

FibreChalk can be applied onto practically any background in any thickness in either one or multiple coats. It is also great for pargetting and decorative work, from traditional geometric pressed-in designs to heavy relief and family crests.

FibreChalk is an easy-to-use, versatile plaster that comes ready mixed - just pick up the trowel and apply!