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Centor 205 Integrated Folding Door

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When designing their Doors, Centor considered every detail by spending thousands of hours researching, designing, prototyping and testing. They’ve removed the visual distractions, so nothing stands in the way of your view!

 Constructed from thermally-improved aluminium, your doors will last lifetime thanks to Centor’s industry-leading paint process. Each piece of the frame and panels are painted after cutting and machining, coating all surfaces to ensure the highest levels of corrosion resistance.

 Aluminium 300 and 400 Series Doors can be painted in standard or custom finishes, with the same colour on the interior and exterior.

 100 and 200 Series Doors feature a furniture-grade, 10mm thick wood lining on the internal face and a robust aluminium exterior.

 Exclusive to Centor Doors, products in the 200 and 400 Series range include insect screens and shades that are built into the frame. This world-first offering allows you to enjoy inside-outside living without the compromises associated with large openings – insects, glare and loss of privacy.


Folding Doors

Centor Folding Doors are designed to effortless connect you with the world outside, thanks to hidden hardware and panels that glide open as soon as the weather allows.

 On the interior, the traditional entrance handle is replaced with the self-latching Access Autolatch™, allowing you to close and lock panels with a single hand movement. On the exterior, a slimline vertical pull-handle allows panels to be opened with ease. Meanwhile, the AutoLatch™ is used to close and secure intermediate panels in one movement, with one hand.

 The concealed hinge on the folding door is also hidden from sight within the edge of the panel when closed. 

Open your doors with ease as soon as the weather allows thanks to the large, custom-made bearings in our carriers. According to architect Paul this smooth operation is reminiscent of closing the door of a high-quality motor car, “When you close the door on an Aston Martin it feels good. When you open and close these

doors, they feel good.”

With extended pivots there is the possibility to fold single-leaf panels back against the wall, creating a completely clean opening for you to enjoy.


Sliding Doors

While robust, Centor’s contemporary Sliding Door ensures you focus on the views to outside, not bulky frames or misaligned panels. The vertical interior handle is available in Black or Silver with a wood trim that is matched to your door’s frame finish. The handle acts a stop for the insect screen ensuring, it only covers the open area of the door. The narrow-framed sliding panel aligns with a frameless fixed panel to provide a greater connection with outside, whether the panel is open or closed. 

The sliding panel glides with ease thanks to impressive 75mm diameter, precision ground stainless steel wheels.


Where to buy

Available through a network of authorised dealers, Centor Doors are made-to-order from a range of customisable options. Visit for more details.




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