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Building a Passivhaus with HANSE HAUS

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A Passivhaus is a specialist-built, ultra high-efficiency home that loses almost no heat through its walls, roof and windows, thanks to high levels of thermal insulation.

Sunlight provides nearly all the heating the house requires, with additional sources of heat energy being the people who live there (a human being emits around 80 W of energy every hour into their immediate environment) and the heat released by electrical equipment such as hairdryers and kitchen appliances.

A Passivhaus can be aired and windows opened to circulate fresh air and make for comfortable indoor temperatures in spring and summer just like any other house. During the winter and on cooler days, an air circulation and heat recovery system takes over the job. Heat from warm extracted air is transferred to fresh air to prevent heat loss.

HANSE HAUS are a certified Passivhaus builder and one of the leading suppliers across Europe.

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