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From a distance, our new all black oven has a minimal look. Once closer to the product, there are subtle, layered details and textures. The brushing on the handle and control panel and the fine machining on the dials add an understated sophistication, making every touchpoint beautiful to use. The user interface stays almost invisible until you turn the dial, coming to life with understated lighting when the product is in use.

The beauty of the monochrome appliance is that it works well in a variety of spaces. While it complements a growing desire for darker kitchen finishes, the oven also works beautifully alongside natural wood. “The black finish allows the appliances to visually recede into the kitchen space, and blend in perfectly,” says Mark Elmore, GM Design, Fisher & Paykel. “The restrained material palette doesn’t compete with other finishes and accents in the overall kitchen design.” Alternatively, it can be intentionally used to provide a contrast, by standing out against a lighter kitchen environment.


Fisher & Paykel’s focus on family is evident through the oven’s multi-shelf cooking ability and total net capacity of 72 litres. The bottom rack is placed as low to the cavity base as possible and the grill element recessed to allow for maximum space. The racking has been tested to take 20kg of weight thus delivering on space while saving on size. With eleven functions, it is possible to choose from a variety of pre-set temperatures including Roast, Pastry Bake and Fan grill, introducing a sense of ease into the kitchen. Comes with pyrolytic self-clean, which makes cleaning that much easier.

This design is timeless and functional. The oven incorporates the CoolTouch™ door which features triple glazing and a cooling system, ensuring that it is safe to touch from the outside. The robust construction of this design is displayed by the oven’s soft open and close feature has been tested 300,000 times to ensure durability.

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