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Location: All UK & Northern Ireland

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows.

Marxman was set up approximately 5 years ago by Martin Chard the inventor of Marxman. Martin is a self-employed building maintenance man. He invented the Marxman after trying to fit a sink. He could not mark the drilling position on the wall and see the marks, so after a few, time wasting attempts, he reached for a can of black spray paint in desperation and marked it with that! After far too many frustrating incidents like this during fitting kitchens, bathrooms and putting up shelving, with lots of wasted trips up and down ladders with broken pencils and felt tips that just do not do the job, he started the process of developing MarXman so other workers can benefit, from this easy to use marker that does do the job.

Marxman is now a husband and wife team and Marxman is Patented in the UK and EUROPE with other Patents Pending.