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Complete Pump Supplies

Complete Pump Supplies are an online retailer of pumps, water booster sets, pipeline products and more. They stock a brilliant range of pumps from fantastic manufacturers such as Calpeda, DAB and Grundfos, and have over fifty years experience in the water and plumbing industries. All the products at Complete Pump Supplies are The expert staff at Complete Pump Supplies have a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of the industry, and strive to find you the perfect product for your professional and personal plumbing needs.

If you’re looking for some equipment for a commercial environment, Complete Pump Supplies have a range of products that are designed to benefit professional building services. Alternatively, if you need pumps and equipment for your home, there are a number of products specifically targeted at private residencies.

Complete Pump Supplies stock a variety of home booster sets from trusted brand names, which are perfect for homes that have low water pressure and are looking for a quick and easy solution. These pumps come in a range of different sizes and are easy to install. If you have a swimming pool in the home, Complete Pump Supplies also stock a range of swimming pool pumps that are effective in filtering and recirculating the water in a swimming pool by being integrated into the pool’s filtration system.

For those who aren’t the most comfortable with DIY, Complete Pump Supplies are available to offer their advice and assist you in every step of your purchase. If you’re not sure what the right product is for you, or you simply can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact the team at 0808 168 6767 and they’ll be happy to help. Complete Pump Supplies also have regular sales and offers on select items, so make sure you check the website regularly for updates on the latest savings.